[Post New]by ctbedw on Dec 26, 11 5:56 PM
Does anyone know what the maximum number of candy canes and santas are to find during the game? I got 99 candy canes once. Can't remember the highest number of santas.



[Post New]by mother_unit on Jan 2, 12 7:32 PM
I don't know exactly how many candy canes there are, but I found 110 one game. There are at least 3, sometimes 4 and sometimes 5 in each scene. I have a problem with the Santas. I've found one in every scene except the "back in town" scene (the one with the streets and houses from ground level). There are several Santas in there, but I haven't found "the Santa". Has anybody found this Santa?



[Post New]by dawnnas on Jan 3, 12 12:11 AM
I cant find a santa there either.

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[Post New]by kaliausten on Oct 30, 13 6:01 AM
agree looked all over and can't find santa in that scene!!!

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