Ranch Rush???

[Post New]by i34unicorn on Jan 18, 09 10:03 AM
I downloaded Orchard hoping it was like Ranch Rush, and I was very disappointed. It seems like they rushed through the programming to just come up with some game, but they really missed the mark here. Slow and very hard to figure out how to use the controls. I had to hire a worker, but first I had to build them a house, couldn't figure out how to do that. So I gave up on it and deleted it. Wouldn't advise anyone to download it.

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Re:Ranch Rush???

[Post New]by Fransje66 on Jan 18, 09 10:17 AM
Same experience here: got as far as building the first house: could not work out how to do it. All the tools disappeared. Tried it twice - same.
I'll try it a 3rd time. If it runs like that again, I'll give it a big miss.

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Re:Ranch Rush???

[Post New]by phoebe222 on Jan 18, 09 1:00 PM
Follow up the tutorial: the controls are pretty easy. When you click a person, you see a menu bottom right. You can build, plant, tilt, chop wood, collect fruit etc.

Kind of Ranch Rush or Farm Craft, but you can control the workers just like the main character. The first level, that's the tutorial, is really slow. But I put up with it cause a friend told me already. Personally I enjoyed Farm Craft more, but this one is not bad either. I bought it and finished the game. I hope they have a sequel, the game has a lot of potential. I did not regret buying, infact I enjoyed it a lot.

For me the controls were not confusing, they were pretty straightforward. There are nice upgrades that speed up everything. By the way, you don't need to speed up. There are goals to achieve but you're not timed. In the highscores reports, I see different windows for timed and untimed modes but I couldn't discover how to change it to timed mode. The only mode I was able to play was the story mode.

You can have different types of workers: builder, woodsman, farmer, but they can all do all the tasks. They earn experience by doing the job that you allocate.

When you have enough cash and wood, you can have buildings to process the fruit you collect. You can produce fruit juice, jelly, pies and fudges. You can buy upgrades, sugar, chocolate etc from the store for these. You can adjust your prices for your products and see the market value as well. You can advertise to attract more customers. So there are lots of things to do.

Tilting and planting which seems slow at the begining is only done once. You don't need to maintain your crops, you just pick them up as they grow.

The game can make use of a timed mode, several freeplay maps. For a sequel, bigger maps with more building types. It's not the best farm game, but it is very enjoyable.

Final edit: I've just learned how to play timed mode. It gives you timed and untimed play options after completing story mode, and when you replay a level.

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Re:Ranch Rush???

[Post New]by Torillyz on Jan 19, 09 7:16 AM
I think if you think it's Ranch Rush you would be disappointed, because I finished Ranch Rush and that was a real frantic clickfest! I'm only on Level 3 but Orchard is quite slow - couldn't be more different from Ranch Rush - but at least I can get to relax and play and take my time. With Ranch Rush I was literally rushing! =) Orchard feels more like real plants, you watch them grow, and it takes time and stuff. I was so surprised as I ended up liking this a lot. So far so good =)

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Re:Ranch Rush???

[Post New]by jojo2311 on Feb 17, 09 4:49 PM
Huge difference of opinion on this game!

What a change to have a TM game which is more about tactics than pointing and clicking frantically. I reckon this is a great game, which i didn't expect to like, but do!

Seems like a lot of people are either a bit slow, or impatient, but if you give it a go, its really quite good!!!

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Re:Ranch Rush???

[Post New]by ebbalytle on Apr 18, 10 11:30 AM
I'm about a year behind finding this gem of a game but I wanted to let others know what my take is on it.

First... it is not Ranch Rush. Thank goodness. I have RR and have played it through and enjoyed it... but it is very frantic, especially toward the end. Orchard is not about madly clicking and dashing about... it is more about tactics, as someone else has pointed out.

I like that you can take your time. If you decide not to do the tutorial, thinking you already know how to play the game, you will not be as successful in figuring things out. The tutorial takes you through at least 2 different farm areas (I wasn't finished it by the time my hour was up) with different goals for each part of each area. It starts you off slow, but is well worth going through. If you're complaining that you didn't understand the controls, it's because you didn't do the tutorial.

The music in this game is "farmsy" but varied, which makes it non-intrusive and not hard on the nerves. The colours are nice and bright, the graphics clear, and the game is pretty easy to learn... IF you do the tutorial!

If you want to play a time management game that doesn't make you nervous, this is a good one! I'll be buying it for sure.

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Re:Ranch Rush???

[Post New]by fishgirl77 on Apr 21, 10 11:39 PM
this game is different cuz there's no time limit, but its really easy to figure out and i like the relaxed pace. I bought it and its one of my fave games ever

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