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Things I noticed and many Questions

[Post New]by Buzz999 on Dec 28, 11 12:04 PM
Great Game !!!! -- OK

first - I noticed most things get done waaaay quicker when the band is totally relaxed. Practicing new songs, writing or improving skills: It pays to relax them totally and then apply short-term efforts.

It seems that higher skills makes practicing new songs faster. So try to get skill level up, especially for slower learners.

In another thread I mentioned my albums don't seem to need power songs???

Generally a good mix of tour/album sales makes more money than too much focus on one or the other. Staying close to home helps - bigger fan base, less travel/stress.

But I can't seem to get X number of fans in city Y. And I've tried all the tricks I can. Any advice?

Now for some quick questions:
- are the promotions of throwing CD's redundant (one in shop and one on venue)
- do you need BIG coverage to get X fans in Y city (like national web or TV ads)
- does more fans mean more album sales
- does spending more on promotion than required to sell out a venue actually result in more fans - especially when trying to reach that elusive target city



Re:Things I noticed and many Questions

[Post New]by rona123456789 on May 27, 13 2:08 AM
I can answer only one of your question:
To get X fans in a specific city tou need to perform.
if you still can't get there, perform in the cities around it.
if you can get there, keep on performing in this city.
I hope it helped you!

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