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Keys in capsules

[Post New]by Arjuna12 on Dec 28, 11 2:54 PM
I don't know exact name of that level. And I don't quiet get it. First I put detector in one edge, and all the capsules in another edge. Then drag them to the detector - one by one (getting a tennis elbow already). I tried that level 4 times now. Weird thing is, the first - sometimes the first 2 capsules with keys - move the needle to the green when I move them near the detector. But then no other anymore. I dragged them all to the detector, one by one, endless times. Then only chance I have to end that level, is to wait til my hints reload. And as soon as a capsule is found with the hint button the detector suddenly shows a positive reaction - even when I drag the capsule to the middle of the screen and it's so far away from the detector.
But why is there no reaction before ?_? What is the trick to win this level without waiting for the hints? Thanks ^_^

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