the old plunder????

[Post New]by GYPSY33 on Dec 29, 11 1:17 PM
i havent been on in awhile an very disapointed with the new big fish. either i need help locating my old faves or they r gone i only had two on here plunder, and the forest game with the lepperchan. if anyone knows where these r plz help if they r gone plz tell me. thanks


Re:the old plunder????

[Post New]by 69ergurl on Feb 10, 13 2:52 AM
i agree they were my only faves too. if you find out let me know


Re:the old plunder????

[Post New]by vickie949799 on May 6, 13 3:34 PM
The old plunder was my TOTAL FAVE, I see you can only get it if you have a iphone or ipad...THAT SUCKS!!!! That game was so awesome..liked the leprechaun game too, I hated to see that they did away with big fish games like that. It was on facebook but it is gone from there now. I mean I would be willing to buy the game through here if they sold it...PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! I'm not talking about the casino or the slot plunder...Once again..PLEASE BRING IT BACK, Is there somewhere you can buy it or something??? That game ROCKED!!!!

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Re:the old plunder????

[Post New]by WendyW30 on Jun 5, 14 7:55 AM
Is there anywhere to get this game???? Purchase it for money ???

I agree with vickie

The online one I found on kongregate does not save any of the items
you find or your progress.

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