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Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 30, 11 4:58 AM
Hello all.

Here is my first attempt of a walk through for this wonderful, frustrating, annoying, impossible game.

I have managed gold on all levels even level 36* apart from 41( tick) . I do not profess to be an expert, just a “never give up” kind of gal.

Right from the start, some important tips:

You may have to replay some levels to proceed.

If you are just a bit off finishing, don’t quit to start again. Collect the credits to spend in the shop.

You can sell off your workers when you have finished with them.

Try to catch the robbers mid air, you earn 75c instead of 50c

Where possible but more so in the earlier levels, keep track of who your next
customer is, so you know whether to send 1 or 2 (or 3) to Joy to sell.

It is fine to come back to levels later when you have the updates.

Some of the updates are mandatory, but others are optional, for you to buy as when you can, such as a cage, or a faster worker etc.

Some of the early levels are 100 times harder to get gold on than the later levels so don’t give up, it does get easier.

I can only suggest which way I went. This does not mean it was the best way, but if you come close to a few seconds, try try again.

Sometimes, “buy cheep sell quick” works, in other levels, “expensive first” is better.
Please PM me for extra advice. I may not be able to give it, but I will try.

Just go with the flow, the tutorial will talk you through.


Buy your farmer, then buy a carrot & another one(quick clicking) immediately after. Plant a 3rd carrot. Only send carrots for sale when you have 2 as the farmer buys in 2’s.
Then buy 1 water & sell 1 carrot.
Mean while, plant 2 carrots quickly(as above) , then buy 2 water, sell when both carrots have been harvested.

LEVEL 3[u]
For this level you need to visit the shop. I bought the required ladder and upgraded the cage.
Plant 2 carrots quickly as above, then buy the lower rope ladder, sell single carrot as then & capture the robber. Sell 2nd carrot.

Next plant 2 carrots quickly on lower level & buy water. Update 2nd rope ladder & get the farmer to plant 2 carrots. Refill water., Plant another carrot lower level.
Only sell when you have 2 carrots, then 1 carrot then 2 carrots.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 30, 11 5:02 AM
Level 4
Sow 2 carrots quickly then buy the juice plant.
Replenish 1 water. Sell each carrot as it matures. Plant 2 more.
Order 1 juice from the factory.
Do not sell the second carrot, plant 2 more & replenish water.
From this point on only sell in 2’s

Order a 2nd juice, but do not sell the first. Sell 2 carrots together and plant another 2. Sell 2 carrots and finally 2 juices.


Level 5[u]
For this level I needed to replay it several times (earning silver) in order to update the shop & the farmer.

Buy farmer on the right, plant 2 carrots & sell 1, plant 2 more, buy 1 water, then sell 2 carrots,
Continue to sell in 1’s or 2’s depending on who our next customer is.

Buy farmer on left & plant 2 carrots quickly And 2 more for farmer on the right. In between, make sure your water is topped up.

After catching robbers, buy a Juice & the ladder.

By now you should be able to update the Rt field. Plant 2 tomato’s, followed by 2 more.
Don’t forget to fill your water at all times.
Continue with 2 carrots on the left.
At this point, because of replay, I was able to update Joy and sell quicker.

Remember to watch how and when you send goods to sell depending on who your next customer is.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 30, 11 5:08 AM
Level 6

You need to buy the tomato plant in the shop to start this level.

Buy the field on the left and plant 2 carrots.
Catch the robber & order a carrot juice

Buy your second farmer & plant 2 tomatoes and buy 1 water.
Catch another robber and order another juice. (this means you sell neither of your first carrots).
Sell the juice and 1 tomato.

I had enough at this point to sow 2 carrots on the left and bought more water after I caught the robber.

Buy your tomato processing plant & when you can afford it make 1 tomato juice, same with the last carrot juice and sell both products.

Meanwhile, plant 1 tomato and one carrot on the right, and one last carrot on the left, topping up water as needed.

Sell your produce as it comes available but to try to sell 2 carrots to a farmer. By now you should be able to start selling off your workers & buying updates.

I found updating Joy first worked well and then the rope ladder.

Level 7

You have to buy the tomato update first & I also updated my workers.

Sow 2 tomatoes followed by two rapid clicks on the carrot guy, fill your water.

Sell your tomatoes only when you have 2 in storage as the first guy was always a farmer for me..

Make juice as soon as carrots are available. Keep 1 back so the juice machine can start as soon as it has finished.

On the right field, plant 2 more tomatoes, but don't sell them until you have bought & started the tomato juice shop. (you can sell the 2nd tomato as soon as the little guy is carrying it down to the juicer.

Then sow 1 more tomato & 1 carrot in that field, then continue with carrots.
Don't forget to always sew 2 carrots at a time in your single field.

Only when you have either enough dosh or when the tomato juice is in play buy the 3rd farmer & plant two more carrots in quick succession. Don't forget your water.

Sell your juice workers as soon as they have made their juice & placed it in the store house.

Up grade your shop & then the shop rope.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 30, 11 5:13 AM
Level 8

This is a very difficult level to get gold on but I managed to get the fastest time award on it.

Sow 2 carrots and buy your second farmer.

As you capture the robbers, buy your juice maker asap.

Get the farmer on the right to plant 2 carrots & order a juice to be made.

Always try to have 1 carrot waiting for the juice machine & where possible have 1 juice waiting to be made. Meanwhile keep growing carrots.

By now, you should have enough to upgrade a field, do so but sow 2 more carrots in it.
When you have enough & your juice is on order, upgrade the bottom ladder.

After the large field has made 2 carrots sow 2 tomatoes. You may sell one.

Keep selling etc & when you have enough buy the tomato juice worker, but wait until you can afford to update his machine & order x2 for 140c.

Keep an eye out for where your farmers are in the queue to guide you on what to sell first.

ASAP upgrade Joy & sell off redundant workers.

NB: I have tried this level many times using the above method. I probably get gold 1/3,, but it is worth persevering. Another option is, because you accumulate quite a bit of money towards the end, to come back to this level later in the game when you have better upgrades.

Level 9

After the last few levels this one seems ridiculously easy.

Try to remember you only need to grow 5 carrots & buy your water as and when you need it. There are many ways of doing this level with plenty of time to spare.

Plant 2 carrots (bottom farm) and 2 tomatoes (top farm)Catch the robber

Sell 2 carrots together (farmer) and plant 2 more (buy 1 water).

Sell 1 tomato, sow another 2. Buy 1 water

Buy carrot juice maker (top level) and make 1 juice

Hold out and sell 2 tomatoes together (farmer), plant another 2 and buy 2 water.
Pre buy 2x juice.

@2:15 you can buy your tomato juice maker & make 1 juice, followed by another, all the while you are sowing tomatoes and buying water 2 at a time.

Now buy 1 water & your final carrot. When he has put it in the storage, sell your farmer.

I updated the top most ladder first, then Joy, then the farmers ladder & still had @13 secs spare.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 30, 11 5:16 AM
Level 10
You need to update the field for this level. I also updated the storehouse, counter and pump, although these were not used.

Sow 2 carrots on the right, the 2 carrots on the left & buy 1 water.

Catch the robbers.

Sell your carrots 2 x2 as you have 2 farmers.

Sow 4 more carrots & don’t forget your water.

Catch the robbers.

Sell 1 carrot, then 2x carrots. Update right field & plant tomatoes.

Plant 2 more carrots, then 2 more tomatoes, then 1 more. Sell your goods according to your customer demand.

Buy the juice factory but wait until you can update it & order juice x2 at a time. (twice)

When you have made all 5 tomatoes, up grade right field & plant 2xpotatoes.
(don’t forget your water).

Every time I have tried this, I managed to sell 2x potatoes to a farmer hence earning my money goal. Once the money is earned, spend all you can on updates etc.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 31, 11 1:04 AM
Level 11

This level is trickier than it seems.

Plant 2 potatoes on the right and 1 carrot on the left and sell in that order.

Quickly plant 2 carrots on the left & buy water. Catch the robbers.

Plant 1 potato and 1 tomato on the right. (water)

Sell 2 carrots & make 2 more on the left.

Plant another potato and tomato on the right. (and water)

Update the sauce factory & after a few more robbers order x2 sauce

Keep making & selling carrots on the left.

Buy your potato packer as he takes a while to get up there.

Order x2 sauce. Catch the robber.

As you get the money buy the potato packaging factory & package 1 potato. Your farmer on the right can also make carrots now.

It pays to keep an eye out for where your farmers are in the queue as you will earn enough for the potato packaging quicker if 1 farmer buys your tomato sauce then 2 singles.

When you have enough to meet your money goal update the top ladder and Joy.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 31, 11 6:28 AM
Level 12

This level is nice and mellow and you should easily have around 10 seconds to spare.
The trick here, I found, was although you have to upgrade your ladder for the military man, to get him to your shop, you don’t have to upgrade it to get him down again. He might storm off with an angry face, but he has bought your goods and that’s all that counts. (that strategy works in later levels too with other characters.)

Plant 2 carrots and order x2 juice. Sell the second carrot.

Plant x2 carrots twice more juggling ordering x2 juice’s and selling & trying to match goods with farmers.

Update the ladder when the military man is due.

Then 1 tomato 1 carrot, water, and the same again, followed by 1 carrot and 1 potato.

Keep making juice until you have made all 10 & sell your man.

Order your ketchup when the tomatoes are being sown.

Buy your potato guy and order a bag of potatos, catching robbers through out.

As soon as your money is made, update your ladders and Joy (I updated the one nearest to the store shed and the customer one.)

Level 13
For this level I updated my potato packing factory to a level 2.

I found the key to this level was to keep my orders going and to keep the water replenished

Plant 2 potatoes on the left and 2 tomatoes on the right, order x2 ketchup and sell the little man on the top row.

Mean while plant 4 tomatoes & replenish water. Capture the robber.

Sell 2 potatoes then 1 tomato, ensure there is always enough room for the ketchup guy to place his wares and he always has a job lined up.

Continue to sow tomatoes, replenish water and sell sell sell.

You will need to update the shops ladder too at some point.

At around 2:42-2:45 on the left sow 1 potato and one tomato. (still sowing 2 tomatoes on the right)

Buy the guy for the top most potato factory on the left. You will need to update hs factory (550c) and order 2 bags at a time (200c)

Sow another potato / tomato on the left.

As you have enough of something sell your workers.

Once the money goal has been had, update the shop ladder, Joy and the potato guys ladder.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Dec 31, 11 8:24 AM
Level 14

Sow 2 potatoes. top right, buy 2nd farmer & sow 2 carrots.

But one water either side.

Sell all goods.

Sow another 2 potatoes, another 2 carrots. Sell 2 potatoes and 1 carrot. Catch the robber.

Buy your carrot juice maker & make 2 juices to sell.

Sell 1 carrot, catch the robbers, sell the juices and plant another 2 potatoes.


Sow 1 tomato and 1 carrot.

Order 2 ketchups. Then order x3 juices and another x2 ketchups

Sell your wares then sell off the workers when they are done.

Earn your money goal & update Joy. You should pass with over 50 secs to spare.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 2, 12 6:27 AM
Level 15

You may need to play on with silver or replay other levels in order to get gold on this one so you can up date your ladder to a tube if you have not already done so.

I have replayed this level using this method a few times & it does work, but sometimes you need to play the waiting game.

Top farmer, plant 2 tomatoes, buy both bottom farmers. Plant 2 tomatoes on the right and 1 tomato and 1 potato on the left. REPLENISH YOUR WATER ON THE BOTTOM.

Buy your potato packing guy (as he takes an age to move) & sell you tomato’s 1, 2 then as many as you can. Catch the robbers.

Wait until you have ordered a packet of potatoes before you start planting more tomatoes on all 3 fields and replenishing your water.

Bottom left, plant 1 potato 1 carrot and 2 more tomatoes in each of the other fields as finances decree, ensuring you have pre booked your 2nd bag of potatoes.

Now here for the tricky bit. When your little guy is on his way down with his bag, you have to make sure, there is space for him to put his goods in (both times). I actually “place held” in the shop, filling it up just as the little man hit the bottom of the rope ladder. Yes your farmers are standing there sighing & holding goods, but this gets you GOLD !!!

Next you want 2 more tomatoes on the top row (and water) 2 carrots (followed by 2 more carrots) on the right, and to update your left field where you will plant and sow 3 sunflowers.

Sell of workers when they have finished & try to sell the most expensive goods off first in the shop to make your money goal.

The updates I bought were customer ladder to shop, Joy, Shop front & finally the tube.

Peutetre, has posted an alternative method here.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 2, 12 11:06 AM
Level 16

This is one of the easiest levels.

Buy your second worker.
Plant 2 carrots on the right and 1 carrot, 1 tomato on the left & buy a water.
Buy your ketchup maker guy and when you have sold some carrots, make 2 ketchup.

Catch the robbers

Sow carrots and tomato as above, buying your water & ordering in 2x ketchup when you have the funds.

When you have sown enough carrots switch to tomatoes. Pre book another 2 ketchups then another two.

Keep sowing and selling, updating your left hand field to potatoes (sow and sell x2) when you have enough.

Sell the farmer on the right and update the left field to sunflowers when you have the money and plant one.
Buy your oil guy and as soon as money allows make 1 oil and sell it.

Upgrade Joy and the bottom ladder as soon as possible.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 4, 12 1:34 AM
Level 17

For this level, count your produce and ensure you have ordered products to be made.

Plant 4 sunflowers . Order 1 water.

Catch the robbers then order 1 oil.

Sell 2 sunflower. And order another oil. Plant 3 x sunflowers & 1 potato.
Hire your potato worker, as funds allow order 2 potato sacks and another oil.

Keep this up, selling produce and sunflowers, whilst always keeping 1 back, and buying water until you have your money goal.

Buy your chip shop and its worker and when you have enough order 1 chips.
Then just update anything you like, ladders, Joy etc.

Level 18

Sow 2 sunflowers on the top, hire your second farmer & sow 2 potatoes. Catch the robbers.

Buy and update you middle ladder. Sell you first sunflower and potato, then plan 2 more of each.

Order 1 bag of potatoes, followed by another, meanwhile continue sowing and selling and BUYING WATER

When your man on the top has made 5 sunflowers (only sell 3) and 1 potato, sell him.

Mean while, if you have your potato sacks line up and can afford him, buy your oil maker guy & start producing oil ordering the second one as you can afford it.

Keep making potato sacks on the bottom and potatoes on the left, not forgetting your water, selling your workers when they have finished. There are lots of robbers in this level that boost the $ nicely.

Towards the end you will be able to upgrade you ladders, and joy. I did bottom ladder to tube, Joy, enlarged shop front, then middle ladder to tube.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 4, 12 1:41 PM
Level 19

Sow 2x sunflowers. Delete all water & update water trough to x2 and buy 4 x2 waters sow 2 more sunflowers and sell the lot.

Buy your oil guy and get him started on the oils.

Sow 1 potato and 1 sunflower. Buy a 1x water and a 2x water.

There after sow 2 more sunflowers and buy more 2x2 water.

Buy your potato packing guy & order 1 bag of potatoes ready for when they are sown.

This level is easily met if you do not make too much produce in your fields so keep a check on when to stop sowing.

Level 20

Lots of robbers to catch here too. Plant 2 pots on the left and 2. sunflowers on the right & buy 1 water.

When you have enough from the robbers order a 2x oil. Sell 2 x potatoes together (farmer).

Sell both oil and catch more robbers. Sow 2 potatoes and buy 2 water.

Wait until you have ordered your next 2x oil to be made before sowing the next 2 sunflowers. ( two of each) Sell the next 2 oil made and catch the robbers.

Order another x2 oil, buy your potato packaging guy, update his factory & order 2 sacks of potatoes.

Maintain this "order, sow, sell" routine whilst buying water and catching robbers.

Buy your chip fairy & when you have enough order 1x chips.

Don’t worry if your farmers have to wait to deposit their goods, just get those chips frying.

Sell your produce ensuring you have enough raw products left in the storehouse so your potato and oil guys can continue to manufacture what you have pre ordered.

Update as you want ( Joy, ladders, shop etc)

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 7, 12 3:28 AM
Level 21

Sow 2 sunflowers (top) and 2 potatoes (middle) and sell all.

Catch 4 robbers.

Sell back 1x1 water from the top, upgrade well & buy 2x2 water and sow 2 sunflowers.

Buy 1x1 water (middle) and sow 2 potatoes.

Hire your oil maker worker & order 3x oils.

Catch another 4 robbers.

Keep buying water and sowing as above, selling all potatoes and sunflowers,
ensuring there is 1 kept back to make another 3 oils with.

Order another 3 oils.

Once you have passed your money goal, buy the chip fairy, update her mackine, order 2 x chips & buy the potatoes from the store.

Update your shop, Joy, your top ladder and sell of your redundant workers.

Level 22

Sell off your water, plant 4x sunflowers, update your well and buy 4 x x2 water.

Update ladder to store & give the farmer on the right a speed boost.

Repeat water & sunflowers, selling as you can.

Sow 2x sunflowers and 2x potato, (and buy 4x2 water)

You are saving up for 2350c to order 2x chips, and to buy 1x oil and 1x bag of spuds from the store. When you have the money, do so.

Sell your farmers when they have made everything. Increase the size of your shop, update Joy and then the ladder to the shop.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 7, 12 4:31 AM
Level 23

Plant 2 potatoes, sell your water, upgrade the well & buy 2x water. Repeat.

Catch the robbers and buy your potato factory guy & order 3x potatoes when you can afford it. Selling as you go.

Upgrade your shop x 1 to make space.

Keep sowing and sacking and selling potatoes and buying 2x2 water.

When you have 1800c, buy an oil & order 2x chips.

Then repeat, juggling space so you have 1 sack & one oil available for her.

Update your customers ladder and Joy.

Level 24

Plant 1 sunflower and 1 potato.

Order 1x oil and sell.

When you can afford it order 1x potato sack and sell.

THEN sow 1 potato and 1 sunflower (buy 1 water)

Order 3x oil and sell, 3x potato sacks and sell.

Sow 1sunflower and 1 potato, order 2x oil and 2 x potato, buy your fairy & order 2 x chips twice.

I updated the fairy once, the ladder to a tube and Joy.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 7, 12 8:04 AM
Level 25

Sow 1 sunflower and 3 potatoes, buy 1 water

Order 3x oil & 3 potato sacks. Catch the robbers.

Sell 2x potatoes.

Sell the oil and sacks

Plant 3 more potatoes and one more sunflower and buy water.

Order 3 more oil and 3 more sacks

Sell 1 sack and 2 oil as they come in.

Around now you will need to update your store.

Plant 3 potatoes and 1 sunflower then 1 more potato.

Order 2x oil

Buy your fairy & make 2x chips


(You can pass this level with well over a minute to spare)

Level 26

For this level I needed Joy upgraded to level 3 and both sides of the shop upgraded.

Sow 4 sunflowers at the top, buy back your water, upgrade bottom field, sow 2 corn.
(catch robbers etc)

Upgrade well and buy 6 x2 waters. Sell everything that is made, upgrading Joy and one side of your shop.

Plant 2 more corns (buy water) and 2 more sunflowers on the right, sell the guy on the left. Upgrade the other side of the shop.

Buy 1 oil and 1 sack of spuds, ( no real rush) and order 3x chips when you have the money.

Only after she has started making the chips, sow another 2 sunflowers on the bottom field (and buy 2 x2 water ).

Having sold everything, (including farmers) buy another oil and sack of potatoes & order 2x chips.

Meanwhile you should be able to update Joy, the ladder and the fairy for a swift end.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 8, 12 1:42 AM
Level 27

Buy back your water, plant 1 tomato and 1 sunflower. Update your well and buy 2x 2 water.

Order 2x oil and 2x ketchup.

Update the middle ladder.

Sow 2x sunflowers and buy 2x2 water

Order another 2x oil, then another 2x Ketchup.

Sow 1 tomato and 1 sunflower.

Update the farmers ladder

As and when, order another 2x ketchup.

Sell your workers when they are done.

Update your farmers field, sow 2x wheat & buy 2x2 water. (selling all the time)

When you have made your money goal buy a sack of potatoes from the store, upgrade Joy, the shop, the farmer (if he is still running up and down) & the customers ladder.

Level 28

This is a nice easy level. Buy sack of potatoes and 1 oil from the store and order in 3 chips.

Sow 4 sunflowers and buy 1 water. Sell the sunflowers, the chips and the left hand farmer.

As the money comes in buy another oil and potato sack and order 3 more chips.

Update your field and sow 2x wheat, up date your well & buy 2x2 water.
You will need to do this 3 times.

Meanwhile buy your miller & his mill & order 1 sack of flour followed by another.

As you are selling off your wheat, bare in mind you need 1 for each sack of flour he makes.

Update your workers ladders, your workers, Joy, the shop & the customer ladder.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 8, 12 3:04 AM
Level 29

Buy back your top water, upgrade your well once, sow 2 wheat and buy 2x2 water.
(you will need to do this three times in total)

Buy both rope and upgrade them to a rope ladder.

Buy your second farmer and sow him 2 potatoes, buy him one more 1x water and sow another 2 potatoes. (Then he can be sold.)

Order 4 x flour, making sure as you sell off produce there is always a wheat waiting for him.

As you can afford it buy your fairy and her dough factory, order 1 dough and then buy 1 egg from the store.

Level 30

Buy back your water and upgrade well once.

Plant 2 sunflowers on the left, buy the farmer on the right, upgrade him x1 and plant 1 corn and one sunflower. Buy 4x 2x water

Upgrade the bottom ladder
Catch the robbers.

Hire your miller and order 1 flour. (keep on odering for him as you can)

Sell the first 2 sunflowers together.
Then be on the lookout for the scientist as he gets gobbled quite quickly. You should have 3 sunflowers in the store to sell together once the farmer has bought his.

Plant 2 more sunflowers on the left and 2 corn on the right. Buy 4x 2x water.

When you have put your 3rd flour up for sale buy your fairy and after the 4th flour is being made buy the dough factory and order a dough.

My now you can update the customer ladder and Joy.

After selling off workers etc, you should have enough by the time the last flour is ready to update the ladders to tubes.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 8, 12 7:56 AM

Level 31

Buy back your water and fully upgrade your well. Sow 2 wheat. Buy 2 x3 water

(do this twice more then sow 1 wheat & buy a 2x water)

Order a flour (you need to make 5 in total)

Order a dough and buy an egg when you have a flour in stock. (repeat this twice more)
Sell your first 2 doughs. When you have your 3rd dough on the way you can start to sell your other flours.

When you have enough money buy the cake factory and order a cake.

Spend what ever money you make there after on upgrades.

Level 32

Sell back your water and sow 2 wheat on the right.

Update your well to max & buy 2 x3 water. Update your farmer.

Upgrade your mill and miller and order 2x flour.

Sell the farmer on the left and your dough fairy & catch the robbers.

Sell your wheat 2 together then 3 together.

Plant another 2 wheat & buy another 2 x3 waters.

All the while ordering another x2 flour and selling them to suit your customer.

Plant 2 sunflowers, with 2x3 water and 1 with 1x2 water.

When you have made your money goal, buy a dough from the store, hire your cake maker, upgrade him & make a cake.

Update his ladder, joy, your shop etc until you are spent out.

NB: For me, in this level, the scientist was a pain as he kept getting gobbled

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 8, 12 9:49 AM

Level 33

Buy back your water and sell your dough fairy.

Sow 2 sunflowers and 2 corn.

Update your well to the max and buy 4 x3 water.

Upgrade your right hand farmer and your ladder

Order 2 flour then another 2, sell sell sell.

Sow 1 sunflower and 2 corn. Buy 3 x2 water.

When you have made your money goal buy a dough from the store & make a cake.
Update Joy, your ladder and then Joy again.

Level 34

Sell your water, upgrade your well to max, your field, your ladder and your farmer x1

Sow 2 wheat & buy 4 x3 water, sow another 2 wheat.

Order 2x2 flour. Then another 2 and another 2.

Put 3 wheat up for sale (princess) followed by 1 more wheat, then 2 flour

Sow more wheat, buy more water, sell 1 flour.

Bake a cake

Sell everything and everyone you can.

Make your money goal then buy 1 dough from the store & bake a cake.

Update your bakers ladder first to tube, then your baker to max then Joy as far as she will go.

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Re:Joy of farming walkthrough: Here

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jan 9, 12 1:06 PM
Level 35

I needed the dough factory upgraded to 2.

Sow 2 wheat, followed by another 2. (you need to sow 7 in total and use only 1x water.

Update your mill to 3 and order 3xflour (all the time you have wheat to mill.)

Update your top ladder twice and when you have caught the robbers update your store once.

When you have sold the first batch of flower, order 3 more etc.

Just let the money pour in when you have @6000c keep one flour back (you should still have more on the go)

Update the dough factory to a level 2 and order 2x dough. Buy an egg.

As your miller finishes his milling, sell all but the last.

Order another 2 dough and buy an egg.

(I had a short wait but still finished with best time)

Sell your farmer and miller.

Sell 2 dough, by now you can buy a jar, buy your pie factory and order a pie. Let the first dough go to the factory and sell the second.

Update your fairy, ladder, and Joy.

Level 36

This level is amazingly difficult to get gold on, but I have managed it 4 times now using the following method. I can succeed about every other try, so it does work. However, due to the franticness in the middle, you may have to tweek what I suggest, but it does work for me.

Order 1 egg, 1 flour and one jar from the store.

Order 1 dough and 1 pie.

Sow 2 wheat, buy back your water, buy second farmer, sow 2 wheat, update water x1 and buy 4 x2 water.

Sow 2 corn in your right field and buy 2x2 water.

Sell 2 wheat before your dough is ready.

Sow 2 wheat on the left & buy more water when you have made a sale.

Sit back and wait for your pie to be made ( selling only wheat) and sell it.

By now you should have made your money goal.

Update your mill and miller to max and order 3x flour.

Update his ladder x2 (wooden) and update your store.

Sow 2 more wheat on the right & buy 2 more water x2.

Buy an egg and order a dough.

Sell the first dough

Meanwhile, , you will need to order 3 more flour, 3 more again and 1 more.

Buy a jar

Sell your farmers.

Order a pie

NOW update Joy, the ladder, your fairies, everything.

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