Stuck at level 80

[Post New]by ChocoVanilla on Dec 30, 11 7:06 AM
How do you clear level 80? The last 2 goals are to have 16 white balls and 16 black balls.


Re:Stuck at level 80

[Post New]by penneinoz on Jan 5, 12 10:40 PM
I'm wondering the same thing.IM STUCK. And its very annoying as I love the game but no matter what I do I cant get 16 balls to go out at same time.Is there a way to skip this level as Im dying to get on and build more in my city.
Can any one help Thanks

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Re:Stuck at level 80

[Post New]by folkdance on Jan 9, 12 10:05 PM
I'm having same problem - get all the way down to the end and it wants 16 black and 16 white. I've played this level over and over, but can't see any way to end it.

Now I'm wondering if there is a bug in this game - I'm getting very frustrated and am about ready to give up and dump the game.

And p.s. what does it mean when the balls wiggle and then sometimes they zip around and sometimes they stay where they are? No rhyme or reason.


Re:Stuck at level 80

[Post New]by avernor on Jan 11, 12 4:03 PM
I find myself with the same problem. Tried all sorts of ways to get rid of the 16 black and white balls to no avail.

Please have mercy on this Hexus fan and share the knowledge!!


Re:Stuck at level 80

[Post New]by penneinoz on Jan 11, 12 5:17 PM
Looks like no one is listening to our cry's for help Boo Hoo.
I dont want to start all over again but havent tried to get beyond level 80 as I'd played it so many times .
What to do, its such an interesting game. I wonder if any one has ever manages to get beyond this level.


Re:Stuck at level 80

[Post New]by tlin0623 on Jan 13, 12 9:28 AM
You have to line up three row of five balls, In a Y formation 5x3=15, the last ball (16th ball) will connect the three row together...good luck...

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