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Level 38

[Post New]by xxxHazeyxxx on Jan 18, 09 5:23 PM
I cant seem to get passed this level with gold anyone been here? Help is always appreciated!


Re:Level 38

[Post New]by tabithalong on Aug 27, 09 9:24 AM
It took me forever to get expert on this level too. I finally figured out that the longer I waited to advertise any of the booths, the better I did. I think I was about halfway through my time before I advertised any booths.

First I upgraded (any) booth to level 2. I upgraded 2 booths to level two before ordering any restock. Then after ordering restock I upgraded the last booth to level 2. Then I upgraded booths to level 3, ordering restock as needed.

As soon as all booths were upgraded fully I hired help and upgraded them both all the way.

Then I upgraded the car all the way to the helicopter a nd upgraded the storage as well.

As for advertising, once I was about halfway through my time I advertised 2 at a time (toys and souvenirs.) I waited a bit more after those had expired before checking what I was behond on. I advertised just that booth. Then, when there was only about a minute or minute and a half I advertised 2 at a time again (whatever I was behind on) to get the last items sold.

I had about 10 seconds left on the clock when I finished.

Good luck!

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