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Where is the BONUS content?

[Post New]by ShazPG on Jan 2, 12 1:26 AM
I've seen this question asked a few times, so thought I'd explain the unique way the bonus content has been added to the game.

As you play, you will see little gold, silver or bronze locks scattered throughout the game. The silver and bronze locks guard puzzles that are only available in the collector's edition. You need to find silver and bronze keys to unlock these and play the puzzles. The gold lock guards a bonus chapter - a whole area that's integrated into the story and helps you towards the end of the game. You need to find a gold key to unlock this.

Most players would be used to completing the game, then having a bonus chapter unlocked and accessed from the main menu afterwards. In Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls, the bonus chapter is a part of the story, thus not accessed from the main menu. Everything on the other side of that gold lock (the gate in the manor back yard) is the bonus game and will not be in the SE.

Hope this helps clear it up a little

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Re:Where is the BONUS content?

[Post New]by marg6043 on Jan 2, 12 5:55 AM
I am finding this lock and key feature in the game quite interesting and innovative, I like that.

For me it makes the game more enjoyable.

I have to say that in previews CE if I didn't like the game after finishing I bypass completely the bonus part of it.

I like this new twist.

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