Cannot get my mud from the bricks

[Post New]by Holkis on Jan 2, 12 1:30 AM
I am on the last but one level and its where you use the pick axe in the wall to obtain your mud which then goes into the brick mould. I have put mud into all of the brick moulds and it has only given me one brick. You can see the mud in the other moulds. When i click on them nothing happens so i cannot progress any further. Has anyone else had this problem?? If so please help xx


Re:Cannot get my mud from the bricks

[Post New]by aislingyngaio on Jan 2, 12 1:39 AM
Holkis, as shaz already explained in the other thread, it is a bug in the game. Please check the topic "technical problems" where you previously posted or this topic: for further information.

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