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cant earn money fast enough

[Post New]by combat63 on Jan 2, 12 7:24 AM
this game needs to speed up with the money its so slow who agrees this game is to slow but otherwise its great thanks !


Re:cant earn money fast enough

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 20, 13 7:37 AM
I raise taxes at City Hall and the more businesses your people run themselves instead of you paying salaries at the civic buildings earns more money.

And I put the game on ultra speed. Higer taxes and unemployment if laid off at the civic jobs makes them unhappy but if I am strapped for cash it's better to have less employed as teachers, policeman etc. and have them working their own buisness so I can gain much more money faster. Once I reach whatever it is I the a price of a new farm and or $100 for a new business lot etc...I put the taxes back down to medium.

Money isn't the problem for me in this game. It's the lack of space considering you need at least twenty huge farms eventually, and the last few people will not take the civic jobs though they live near a school which provides education to them to get the better jobs. All happy, two or three unemployed and lots of jobs ending is more a problem than the money.

Just raise taxes and make sure to spread out your business lots so you will need more (a catch 22) so everyone will work and produce more money.

Also, don't waste your money on helping them when robbed, go on strike or when a neighboring town needs a huge amount. This will only make you not be able to recover your losses fast enough. They will get over it shortly. And if you do help this does't really make them any happier because you are still going to have to replace their homes when they are burned out, and or businesses are removed from game from economy failure. (Only a few) but no need to pay your citizens for those losses it won't make them any happier just replace their buildings they will be happy by the time you need to try to win the unwinable ending.

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