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knife pieces

[Post New]by runtotorun on Jan 2, 12 1:02 PM
Can anyone tell me where the pieces to the knife are in the workshop? Even the strategy guide doesn't show all of them and I could use your help.

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Re:knife pieces

[Post New]by ShazPG on Jan 2, 12 1:24 PM
Hi runtotorun,

The CE does show the location of all the knife pieces. With the correct page showing, click the red text that says to find the fragments.

You can only see the fragments after you click on the knife and see the pieces at the bottom of the screen. If that mini-window with the knife image isn't visible, you won't see the pieces either.

Anyway, in case you've done all that and still can't find them, there's one in the top left corner above the key molds, one right on the left on the middle shelf, one just above the little X on the knife mini-window, one on the rope above the light switch, and one on the shelf on the right side, just next to the light switch.

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