[Post New]by keyser69 on Jan 3, 12 11:34 AM
I cant get the antitoxin to go through the flap. I oiled the hinges and it is open, but the antitoxin wont go through the flap. How do I get it through the flap?



[Post New]by allenpatricia497 on Jan 4, 12 3:17 PM
were did you find the antitoxion at and how do you get in the lab

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[Post New]by Lady_Cav on Jan 4, 12 4:30 PM
allenpatricia497 wrote:were did you find the antitoxion at and how do you get in the lab
You need the antitoxin to get into the lab. You can find it in the little nook by the rocks in front of the mansion. But you'll have to have a reflector first so the light will shine into the dark corners of that nook.



[Post New]by ginnywinny on Jan 6, 12 3:14 AM
So I read the walkthrough cause I was stuck in the same place, and it said that i had to put the antitoxin in the skull... But i've already opened the thing, the skull is gone... what should I do?

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[Post New]by WilJul on Jan 7, 12 12:32 AM
Welcome to the forums fishies! Silly question - but are you certain you are using the antitoxin? It is a vibrant/glowing green in a flask. Next silly question - did you touch the flap first so that a cloud of green smoke comes out? That may be the trigger for accepting the antitoxin. Also try jiggling the handle, that may trigger it too, but I"m just not sure.

As for the skull being gone, I don't remember it doing that, so I'm not sure what to tell you for that. Let us know if you get it!

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