the fresco

[Post New]by swellingkarin on Jan 4, 12 8:29 PM
I've found the parts to fresco - but one is missing. what did i do wrong?

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Re:the fresco

[Post New]by WilJul on Jan 7, 12 1:05 AM
I'm not sure, swellingkarin! But welcome to the forums! Did you check the walkthrough?

If you want SPOILERS, highlight the area below with your cursor:

Fresco piece locations:
1. In the crypt to left of the door oozing green gas
2. On the stone pillar with the snake, near the bottom
3. Under the rock in the yard (that needs light)
4. On the map in the "power room" for the tram carts

Hope that helped some! Good luck!

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