The mirror

[Post New]by corrmom87 on Jan 5, 12 10:31 AM
Where do I find the paper to make the template for the mirror?

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Re:The mirror - Spolier

[Post New]by Tucks_Mom on Jan 5, 12 4:35 PM
**Spoiler** Highlight to see answer: Check the baby carriage in the yard.

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Re:The mirror

[Post New]by tempeasu on Jan 13, 12 6:48 PM
have to find all the mirror shards. the paper? no so sure...anyway...there are 2 workshops in this mannor..find them and you can get into the wolf's lair, then you can shine the lite to get in....tilt the spotlight to get in....and have to go back to the manor..i know!!!!!! enough is enough. my self....i am moving on to another game. good luck. so far this has no other players that i have seen so far execept for whoever. grim is the perfect name for this game.

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