Fourth Rose?

[Post New]by pixietink112 on Jan 5, 12 7:36 PM
I am suppose to get the red rose, but I need to open the coffin, but don't have the key. Where is the key?

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Re:Fourth Rose?

[Post New]by ShazPG on Jan 5, 12 7:41 PM
The key is in the broken armoire in the butcher's house. You'll need the oilcan from the overgrown pot at the lookout.


Re:Fourth Rose? and all roses

[Post New]by ladybaroness33 on Jan 6, 12 3:08 AM
if you have a prob change the cursor back to game cursor.My shears would;nt cut any roses using system cursor(my normal Mode) so in exasperation I changed to game mode cursor and it worked .Hoorah.Obviously a game glitch needs to be fixed.I nearly gave up.Great game though.Happy New Year to all fishies

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Re:Fourth Rose?

[Post New]by orchidna on Jan 6, 12 6:56 AM
Ladybaroness, you don't need to switch to hardware cursor. We've advised people who have this problem to simply go to the main menu and then back into the game. For some reason, there are a couple places where a few people's game didn't recognize the item was attached to the cursor. Going to the Main Menu and back let the game recognize the item.

So feel free to switch back to the custom cursor.

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