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End of game?????

[Post New]by grandmab3248 on Jan 5, 12 7:54 PM
I bought this game quite a while ago, and decided to finish it tonight. I adjusted the lights outside of the dome......fried or whatever the monster in the black cloud, etc. I think the game ended when I put the last four pieces (red ring things with wholes in them)...solved that puzzle. Then cut to another mini puzzle, I think. I'm really confused, because I guess that was the end. The last thing I remember is a gold ball in the middle of the puzzle. The next thing I know, and I'm back to the scene with "Play", "Exit", etc. on it. Was there a glitch, or was this a rather abrupt ending? The two people never made contact again, nor did they fly away. I enjoyed the game until this happened. If anyone out there is playing this game, would you fill me in on whether that was the end?


Re:End of game?????

[Post New]by Fantasia1996 on Dec 21, 12 6:21 PM
I am just as confused as you. I wish there was a walkthrough for this game.

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Re:End of game?????

[Post New]by burf90 on Dec 23, 12 11:31 AM
There's no walkthrough at BFG, but you can find one by searching the internet for "Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness walkthrough".

The one I found doesn't mention the ending, though, and you did miss some of the ending. If you were clicking the mouse after you solved the last puzzle, you may have accidentally skipped the cutscene.

**SPOILER for both game and book!**

If I recall correctly, it shows you and the pilot flying home and *I think* it shows a new horror looming up behind you when you turn around and look back. That's how the book ends. I don't remember if that's how the game ended, as I played it several months ago. They might simply have flown home in the game.

For anyone who's wondering, this game is based on "At the Mountains of Madness", a novelette by H. P. Lovecraft. In his stories, you never have a happy ending. They always end as you get out of the frying pan and are just about to fall into the fire.

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