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pickers is wonderful in many ways

[Post New]by QUZEMOTO on Jan 7, 12 10:49 PM
i think everyone is too busy playing and writting down the places to find matched pairs to write any more about this game. i find it wonderful. it is smooth and moves along and you can even walk out on a hidden object area, you don't have to play it. it has sharpened my memory, (where was that other match item?) and it has given me pleasure in picking, choosing, dropping, going back and haggling over the price while trying to keep the sellers happy. there are so many angles to this game. keep sellers in the yellow or better yet in the green progress bar. buy low sell high. then auction off anything that didn't sell and i do this when i have a high profit day. you have to auction before closing for the day so you have to remember what you sold and how high your profit is. some, including myself are making lists of where to find items. i have included in what order they open and who has the most of what- like carlise jackson and ray atkins open first at the same time. ray doesn't have any clothing and jackson has a little of everything. then they have the H.O. areas sparkling and i've listed what you get in them at each place as vintage literature is hard to find, but can be won in the H.O areas of different places. i have become addicted to the game and have to stop myself to get work done. even then i play another round as a break in my work/cleaning routine.
at atkins you can get the buffalo bill program and a fire badge out of the sparkling H.O.s. all i found so far as i don't play all the H.Os.
at jacksons: folding knife - carved eagle - sunglasses- jack in the box.
Pattys - why someone called her patty i'll never know.! it is really lizzie davis house. but patty fits. playing cards - canning jar - detergent box - sailor hat - now the sailor hat is military while detergent is kitchen.
Miller storage has life jacket/samauri sword/fireplace set/panama hat/cycle helmet/parka.
at H.R. salvage you get a coffee grinder.
fagins has a marionette.
mcqires you get a country cookbook - vintage lit.
Thad has a detective badge
and esther dowdy has a perfume bottle. jewelry and vanity.(i think)
sharps has a toy tractor.
baxters has an almanac -vintage lit and cantten - military. i have not played and written the others down yet.
I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as i am and may everyone have a Blessed New Year.

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Re:pickers is wonderful in many ways

[Post New]by trexxx on Jan 9, 12 7:12 PM
Glad you are enjoying it. Maybe you will be lucky and not get the debugging error that shuts your entire game down and ruins it for you...

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