King's Smith - just tried for Mac

[Post New]by Jua_Nita on Jan 8, 12 3:17 PM
I need help on level 6 of the original King's Smith - I have the required # of shields, swords and chain mail as well as the $$$ but it doesn't complete the level ???

Plus, the cursor is trapped inside the game - I have to force quit to exit, there isn't a place that takes me to an exit choice.


Re:King's Smith - just tried for Mac

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Jul 21, 12 2:49 AM
I just realized that if you hit "escape" it pauses the game and gives you a menu to change options, go to the main menu or go back to playing your game. So you can pause the game and you can start a level over before you finish it. Good to know. I had my game in windowed mode and I did see that the cursor is trapped inside the screen. So, you do have to completely shut down the game to do anything else on your computer...frustrating.

Jua_Nita - Maybe you still have to own the five gold and jeweled chain mails to complete the level. It is a surprise requirement that shows up toward the end of the level.

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