9 the dark side

[Post New]by lilliadamski on Jan 9, 12 7:41 AM
Where is carpetbag

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[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jan 14, 12 1:06 AM
Hi lilliadamski,

I couldn't find a carpet bag in the walkthrough, but I did find a chest with a hidden object scene next to Lorenzo -- it looks like a large red bag. Is this the one you're referring to?


Note the newly formed bridge (M).

Take the PICKAXE (N).

Select the chest for a HOS .

Locate all the items on the list.

You will earn the CABINET KEY.

Walk forward across the bridge.

Hope this helps!



Re:9 the dark side

[Post New]by susankeen on Jan 20, 12 7:31 PM
How do you get the 4th crystal at the very end?

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