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Great Crown of Egypt - part 8

[Post New]by folkdance on Jan 9, 12 11:55 AM
Can't come up with a solution for this one - does anyone please have an answer?

On the left where it shows your tasks with the number of each items you're supposed to collect? Well, that number (they are all double digit numbers that sometimes go all the way to 99) starts getting lower and you think oh boy, but then it pops back up to a higher number.

I have stayed on that level it seems like years and it looks like I might have to retire here - the task numbers required never go away!


Re:Great Crown of Egypt - part 8

[Post New]by Treasure_hunt on Feb 6, 12 12:38 PM

So to read you are stuck on the same level as me. The problem you discribed is not know to me, do you mean that when there are no moves left you have to restart the game?

If that is so, the solution is easy. On the right site you see devices you can use. I mean things like the bombs and the palette on the top right site of the screen. Use them. With the palette you color an adjacent stone in the color you need to get at least 6 colors in the same row. Shen you do so no new tiles are added. With the bombs you can blow up some parts of the stones so that you can move the stones to get at least 6 in a row.

Every time when you have 6 in a row of one color you will see on the left site that the numbers left will decrease. You have to remove all the colored tiles in that way.
When the colored ones are all gone the big challenge is to get 16 white and 16 black ones in a row, and one that part I' m stuck.

Good luck!


Re:Great Crown of Egypt - part 8

[Post New]by sharon_leslie on Mar 13, 12 7:48 PM
Hi, since you are on level 8 of the Great Crown, I was hoping you could help with level 6.

I can't get the middle section filled in without using all the bonuses and even when they are done I'm no better off. I'm sure there is some significance to the colored ball at the bottom of the white column in the middle. But I just can't find a relationship, if there is one, and it is driving me nuts! I know there is some logic to this but I just can't find it.

Please help?

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