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not for the weak

[Post New]by queencate on Jan 9, 12 2:19 PM
This is a really great game , but man do you have to have a strong mind , gave me chills and had to stop playing for a while , i was what is this place , what is happening here ? i loved the mom , and the spank machine , all the gruesome sights , and spook, and i am not finished yet ... i cant say how much i enjoyed this so far..i am worried about the developers ... lol

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Re:not for the weak

[Post New]by BadWhippet on Jan 15, 12 7:35 AM
I agree.

In terms of raw imagination and atmosphere, this game really does give many big-name game developers out there a real run for their money. For me it was the right balance of creepy and grim but not to the extent I had to stop playing (some games DO affect me like that, but not this one). However, a few other people here have commented that they found it too much so it's probably good to take BFG's warning on the purchasing page seriously.

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