*** PATCH PLEASE !! ******

[Post New]by grospoissons on Jan 9, 12 4:28 PM
Graphics : good, but I hate when they hide items with transparency.
Music : good, appropriate for the pirate age, but way too repetitive.
Mini games : O.K., I find them refreshing after searching for items.
The 'Skip Game' option is nice if you want to bypass it.
MAJOR BUG: I bought the store version. Items on list don't match with
those onscreen. When this happens, the hint pointer will
indicate an item hidden to the top & right of the screen which
is a non playable area.
I have tried the online version for one hour and it seems to
work fine.


Re:*** PATCH PLEASE !! ******

[Post New]by CozmicSeer on Feb 10, 13 8:34 AM
Recently purchased the game on a CD and found that the same occurrence of the list not matching the items displayed was happening. If you let the timer run out on that screen, it will make you start the section again so that if you had solved any other ones, you will have to redo them. But it does give you the correct list when you do this. It happened on several screens while I was playing it and, in each case, after timing out it does work correctly.
And it does need a patch to correct this. There is something wrong with the way the software is indexing the lists to the screen that is not always functioning correctly.

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