Photo matching?!?!?!?!? HELP

[Post New]by sjsullivan on Jan 10, 12 7:47 PM
I don't understand how to play the puzzle to match the photos of the ex-cons?!?!?!? It doesn't make sense and there is no skip or anyway to complete the puzzle. Anyone else here?????


Re:Photo matching?!?!?!?!? HELP

[Post New]by WolfenRaindancer on Jan 10, 12 8:03 PM
The guide has on main menu. But the answer is that you must match the photos at the bottom of the screen with the one that has the same number code on the top. The photos are not identical, but are of the same person that you are matching. Once you have taken the photo from the bottom and placed it on top of the matching one, at the top, they will move away, and disappear, and new ones will appear. I found it quite different, lol.

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