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Walkthrough Please

[Post New]by BereniceP on Jan 11, 12 10:27 AM
We definitely need a walkthrough for this game. Some levels are impossible to figure out without some help. The spaces covered by commercial buildings vary every time.
Please give us a walkthrough!!


Re:Walkthrough Please

[Post New]by Phoenix7711 on Jan 14, 12 10:03 AM
YES, you're right. I stuck in level 16 - have enough people, gold, woold and workers. I can't build the commercial buildings - it's blocked and I don't know why.

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Re:Walkthrough Please

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jan 14, 12 11:44 AM
Hi Phoenix, I believe that commercial buildings (like residential buildings) can only be built on a site covered by a municipal building.

For level 16, that means they either need to be in the same row as a sheriff's office or on a site adjacent to a water tower.

Hope this helps

Hi Berenice - I guess you maybe read this in another thread by now but, if you are about to build a municipal building and you hover the mouse over the button before clicking, the game will show an outline of which sites would be covered if you go ahead.

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