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The Golden Years Way Out West

[Post New]by BereniceP on Jan 11, 12 4:37 PM
This game is very interesting if you understand it. It took me a long time to know what I was doing but once I did..... It was very good, if a little short. I am looking forward to starting it again with the experience I now have and trying to get gold stars on each level.
I would urge everyone who thinks they may like this game to keep on trying.
I wanted a walkthrough earlier today but managed to complete the game without one!

Follow the tasks in the correct order. Before you build a commercial building or a municipal building, hover your cursor over the site and see what other sites will benefit from your build.
Happy building everyone!! xx

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Re:The Golden Years Way Out West

[Post New]by Lazeedragon on Jan 22, 12 9:08 PM
Me too need a walkthrough please ^^

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