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Very enjoyable game

[Post New]by miazuldecielo on Jan 11, 12 8:55 PM
I just finished this game and I can only say that I enjoyed it very much.

The difficulty was right throughout the game as well as the puzzles. You had to think a bit, but they were not extremely hard. Also, I appreciate that there were not too many HOGs, just enough.

Graphics and sound effect were good too.

I hope they keep making more like these kind of games.

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Re:Very enjoyable game

[Post New]by jellow10 on Jan 11, 12 9:55 PM
Just popped in to say I think I'm nearing the end of the game because we just returning to Fairing Point after finding all 6 pictures. I, too, am enjoying this game very much. The hint button could refresh a little bit faster but it's livable. I especially like the fact that each chapter is "self-contained" as far as locations are concerned; consequently you only travel between 4 or 5 locations in each chapter. I am fond of HOGs, but I didn't even notice how few there were in this game until I got to Chapter 6 and there were a few in a row and I thought "what the heck is this?" The game is interesting, the storyline is compelling and the difficulty level is just about right for me. I'm so glad I bought this game as a DD.

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