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Turn off the water! The ship is sinking!

[Post New]by LadyDream on Jan 12, 12 2:20 AM
Part of the reason I like playing these games is just listening to what goes on in my head. I played a little less than half an hour, but discovered a few things about myself anyway.

Ok, you are on a sinking ship in a heck of a storm. You have to rescue your family, which have mysteriously neglected to get rescued. Luckily you just KNOW they are all fine and you are the only one who can save them. You sensibly evade the rescue team and dash off to the rescue.

At that point I am hoping it will get past the intro and give me a full screen. Alas, it is on full screen. It just has a big black border top and bottom. Might be ok for people with good eyesight. If I squinted the graphics looked pretty clear and not too junk pile.

Next, the kid screams for help. Not surprisingly in a sinking ship, he's being flooded. Oh, no problem, I'll just turn off the water...Seriously? The ship is sinking and all I have to do is turn off the water? Wow, why didn't the people on the Titanic think of that? The kid screams again. OK, it's getting to me, now where is that shut we go, right after I find an elephant, a paper boat (maybe it's the rescue rafts? Economy cruise?) and the ever present corkscrew, I get the valve put together and turn the water off. Saved!

Bloodcurdling scream from child. Now that the water is off, he's fallen down the well, Lassie! Or at least into a lower deck that is mysteriously less flooded than the one right above, with the gaping hole we just fell through. What a relief! Oh, but wait, Timmy, er, Jimmy has his leg caught on something. Quick, Lassie, get help! Actually a water spaniel would be more useful than a collie in this situation, but anyway, the developers neglected to put in any super intelligent canines. Unless one of those cute little fish is a dogfish.

Ok, small children in burning houses/sinking ships/real life dangerous situations are simply not my thing. Threaten them with a vampire with gore dripping from it's fangs and I'm good. I'm actually starting to enjoy how silly my mind is, plus looking for the little fishies, when the game locks up tight. Sigh.

So even at the DD price, I think I'll give it a pass. Besides, I have a sudden urge to watch Titanic. Or maybe the Posiden Adventure. Now where did I put my trusty valve...

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