Level 3

[Post New]by tinybubles on Jan 12, 12 3:42 PM
For some reason I can't build more than one wagon and am unable to hire any workers. I build the saw mill, build water tower in three different places trying to build wagons. I built one wagon but am unable to build any more. What am I to do?

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Re:Level 3

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jan 12, 12 5:47 PM
Did you try building the water tower in the middle of the 5 building sites so that it touches each of the other 4 sites?

That will allow you to build 4 wagons around it.

Tip: If you hover the mouse over the water tower button before clicking, you will see a blue loop showing which sites it will service if you go ahead.

If you already have 3 workers, to buy the 4th you will need a population of at least 10 people living in the homes.

A basic covered wagon only holds 5 people. If you have 3 workers already, and only one basic covered wagon, that will be why you can't buy another worker yet.


Re:Level 3

[Post New]by LisaBolster on Feb 14, 12 4:58 AM
I was stuck on level three too, thanks![b]

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