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Really Neat Trick for Moving Whole Blocks of Tiles

[Post New]by Lady_Cav on Jan 13, 12 5:48 AM
I just discovered a really neat trick for moving multiple blocks of tiles. Even when using the "arrange at edge" command, the screen can be very crowded when you begin a puzzle with many pieces.

Open up a new tray and drag the corners and sides to make the tray as large as you want. I usually make it cover at least half of the screen. Spend some time moving select pieces into color groups, such as all green ones together on the left, and all other colors on the right.

Then, hold your cursor down just outside one of the tiles and, still holding your cursor down, drag down and across to create a square or rectangle around an entire block of tiles. You will see a dotted line as you create this square or rectangle. You will see all those tiles become very pale in color as you drag across them. Let go of the cursor, and you will now see a shadow beneath all of the squares inside your invisible square or rectangle.

Then, grab a hold of any one of those tiles and you'll see your cursor change to a hand. Now you can simply drag your entire block of tiles into the new tray you opened and just drop them in there! Very handy tool and saves lots of time! You can also repeat this procedure within the tray to move them where you want them, or anywhere on the puzzle screen itself to move entire blocks of tiles to a new position.

I just discovered this quite by accident, and thought it would be helpful hint to share with you if you have chosen your "ghost image" to be quite large, covering at least two thirds of your screen. Happy Puzzling!


Re:Really Neat Trick for Moving Whole Blocks of Tiles

[Post New]by Hanemand on Jul 11, 12 11:30 AM
Thanks for the tip!

And while we're on the subject of trays and pieces, I have a question:
Can I arrange puzzle pieces in the trays like on the main screen?

If I load a bunch of pieces into a tray, I have to manually separate them, so they're not all in a heap. But, if I resize my tray to be smaller, all the pieces are in a heap again, even when I make the tray bigger again.

Is there a way around that? Like, on the main screen there are 2 buttons that can arrange the puzzle pieces in certain ways. I wanna do that in the trays, too! ;-)



Re:Really Neat Trick for Moving Whole Blocks of Tiles

[Post New]by Jigsaws_Galore on Jul 13, 12 1:31 PM
Yes, you can right-click a tray to get a handy popup menu. With this you can arrange the pieces on the tray, just like on the main board.

Also on this popup menu are very useful options such as fetching different kinds of pieces to the tray, such as all the edge pieces, middle pieces and fun pieces.

If you happen to be on a Mac with only one mouse button, use ctrl-click to get a right-click. If you are using a trackpad, use a two-finger click.

There are many other right-click menus available in the game, such as on pieces, on the ghost, on the tray buttons, on the blank board, also on the opening board where you choose a jigsaw. Have fun finding them!

~ David

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