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Last Chapter - Help!!

[Post New]by cmlc on Jan 13, 12 12:05 PM
Missing one piece of shaped stone, so can't complete puzzle for Stone Mural at the gate. How can I go back to find where it was or can I. They are ususlly in an HOA.

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Re:Last Chapter - Help!!

[Post New]by ShazPG on Jan 13, 12 1:49 PM
Yep - there are 6 silver keys that you collect throughout the game, and 6 silver locks that you use them on.

Do you have a silver key? If not, you'll either have to go back and find one, or you've unlocked all locks but haven't done the puzzle in one of them. If that's the case, go to all the "lock" areas, and if you've opened the lock but not done the puzzle or taken the keystone, you'll see sparkles if you're playing in Casual mode, or you'll just have to click on the HOA trigger if you're playing in Difficult mode.

Key locations:
- Workshop - hanging on the wall
- Treehouse - leaning against the tree trunk
- Grandma's Kitchen - on the rocking chair
- Butcher's house - in the armoire
- Lookout - in the glass coffin
- Grand Room - in the fireplace

Lock locations:
- Storeroom - mouse hole
- Manor back yard - hole in tree trunk
- Hallow Hills - pile of wood
- Grandma's shed - toolbox
- Town Square - trash pile
- Lost Graveyard - crypt

Any of these keys can be used on any of the locks, so you could have missed any one of the 6 listed here.

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