Ruin - Level 9

[Post New]by Albanyvillas on Jan 14, 12 1:08 AM
I'm stuck on this level and I have not even made it through the door. I can get within 2 moves. Can anybody help?

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Re:Ruin - Level 9

[Post New]by barbiecats2000 on Jan 16, 12 8:02 PM
Sorry but there are so many level nines I couldn't begin to remember the layout. If it makes you feel any better I finally finished the first house and some puzzles took me working on over and over for a day or so but I finally got them. One thing I figured out is that the many of them seem harder than they are AND some of the larger ones are pretty straight forward. The smaller ones have been some of the harderst.

Once I finished the first house - the next episode comes up with another house so this is a long game but really excellent. I don't know how many puzzles in this one as I just started it tonight.

Facinating game in my opinion. Good luck and sorry I couldn't help you better.

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