Level 26

[Post New]by mwoodbuttons on Jan 14, 12 12:22 PM
I am stuck on level 26. I can't get my population to 200. Some help, please!

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Re:Level 26

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jan 15, 12 12:22 PM
I'll post a full walkthrough of my solution in the next post but ..........

I didn't demolish (or upgrade) any of the existing residential buildings.

I added 5 hotels of my own and upgraded 2 of them with that special population boost upgrade.

That was enough, along with gaining access to all the existing homes in their existing states, and keeping up with any repairs, to reach 200.

If you want some hints about how to place buildings to be able to fit those 5 hotels in without having to build any extra municipal buildings (other than the ones the level makes you build), then use your mouse to highlight between the 2 lots of '***':

**** SPOILER on building placement

I built 3 hotels early on in places that were already empty, and covered by municipal buildings from the start (after the 3 wood obstacles have been picked up), but that each improved a saloon's population (helps with gold income). Hover your mouse over a saloon and the gold glow will show you which sites it covers.

There are four such spots available. If you use all 4 you would increase your gold income slightly. But I forgot about the one at the top and still finished each stage in plenty of time without getting stuck for gold, so my walkthrough is based on only using 3 of them.

I used the empty sites at the bottom of the screen for the 2 churches that were asked for.

Those 2 churches and the 5 hotels were the only things I built on this level.

I placed the last 2 hotels after the game makes you demolish the saloons and used the sites where the saloons had been (those were already covered by Sheriff's Offices so I didn't need any extra water towers).

You could use that spot right at the top for one of them but I had forgotten about it and didn't need it anyway.


Walkthrough in next post


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Re:Level 26

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jan 15, 12 12:38 PM
Build a hotel in the only space available right from the start (the only one available until you start picking up wood) . It's in the 2nd row down, directly above a saloon.

Send the remaining worker to collect the 3 pieces of wood blocking access to other sites.

When you have 4 free workers again - make 3000 wood at the sawmill (bottom of screen)

Build another hotel to the right of the saloon (3rd row down)

Build a 3rd hotel to the left of the other saloon (2nd row down)

Make another 3000 wood (may need to let rent cycle finish first, to pay for it)

If you have been collecting the gold from the saloons, you should have enough to pay off the drunk down near the gold mine (bottom right). If you don't have enough, wait for another collection cycle.

Make 750 wood (a repair will pop up that would otherwise use too much wood and interfere with the next step, gold production)

Have 3 men work the gold mine TWICE in a row to make 2 x 50 gold (others should keep collecting from the saloons).

You should now have plenty of gold for waking all the other drunks

While the other drunks are being woken, send 3 men to make a THIRD lot of 50 gold.

----- end of stage 1 ------

Speak to the architect then take the drunks to him - they join your workforce.

Build the 2 churches (simultaneously if you have enough gold, which I did) in the spaces in the bottom row (next to gold mine and next to sawmill)

If you have plenty of time left on stage 2, wait for the end of the current collection cycle on the saloons and collect the gold just in case you need it later.

Demolish the 2 saloons (simultaneously)

Make 3000 wood

----- end of stage 2 -----

Make 3000 wood again (TWICE in total since you finished building the churches)

Send workers to speak to the 4 people standing around. After they have all come to the town hall, speak to the professor.

Now there's just the 200 population goal left:

Build 2 more hotels where the saloons used to be

As you build each hotel (one at a time) you should have enough workers & materials to apply the population boost upgrade to an existing hotel at the same time, ending up with 3 basic hotels and 2 with that upgrade.

If you haven't touched any of the other residential buildings (except for repairs), you should have reached 200 population. If you haven't, look to see if a repair is needed.

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