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level 31

[Post New]by vero0655 on Jan 15, 12 9:47 AM
need help to make gold on 31 please.

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Re:level 31

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jan 16, 12 5:26 AM
If you mean the first lot of gold to move the first coyote and get access to the gold mine............I built the trading post as soon as possible and got my first gold from the train.

ETA, if you mean how to get all the stars................... I've posted a walkthrough below:

(I'd be interested in seeing anyone else's solution because I am thinking that there should maybe be an easier way than mine).


SPOILER ALERT for next post...............


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Re:level 31

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jan 16, 12 9:22 AM
It took me several goes to be able to get all the stars but I see fewer requests for help on this level than for some levels which I found easier.

I wonder if I am missing an easier method for getting all the stars for this one. I’d be interested to read (& try) any alternative solution.......
……. anyone?

What worked for me in the end:

Pick up the one piece of wood blocking the site below the town hall & build a trading post there (using spare workers to pick up the other wood around there, fix the bridge at the bottom of the screen and also work towards towards getting the gun above the town hall)

Build a basic sawmill next to the trading post (use the spare workers to clear more obstacles and to collect the 2 guns (bottom right of screen, and the one above the town hall)

At the same time, BUY 30 gold at the train station

Use 4 workers to make 1000 wood x THREE while others move the first coyote, clear access to the gold mine, and clear all of the remaining obstacles and wood piles (and the mustang)

Use all 6 workers to mine 50 gold

SELL 1000 wood at the trading post when the train returns
After that, IGNORE the train from now on (except for buying one lot of gold later)

Make 1000 wood ONCE. At the same time, move the next coyote (the first one you come to on the right) & clear the obstacle to the bank

Mine 50 gold

Make 1000 wood ONCE again while moving the next coyote and clearing the obstacle to the inn.

Mine another 50 gold (you may have to do a repair first)

Build a church next to the bank while demolishing the wagon (bottom right). The church serves enough existing houses to let you buy workers, but you may need to do a repair 1st

Make another 1000 wood TWICE while doing any repairs & buying 3 more workers

As soon as you have the 3 workers, start building a saloon on the site above the church

As soon as wood done, mine another 50 gold. HOLD OFF moving last coyote until nearly out of time for stage 1

Build a hotel on one of the empty sites

While making 1000 wood TWICE, give the special income upgrade to the hotel and then to one of the inns.

(keep an eye on the timer during those steps & move the final coyote at the last minute), if you have time, start the next step 1st!

Mine 50 gold ONCE


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Re:level 31

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jan 16, 12 9:59 AM
................ contd

After the coyote has moved (& while making the 50 gold):
Fill in the hole in the road where the last coyote was
Pick up the sheriff badge (it counts as taking the mustang there)
Make repairs if needed

& BUY a batch of gold from train

Make 1000 wood ONCE, while giving the special income upgrade to the other inn

Build a second hotel

That should take care of the income goal

If you haven't reached the gold goal yet, quickly buy another lot from the train (I only had to do that once while testing out this walkthrough. Usually the 50 mined + batch from previous train visit + bank interest + saloon income was enough. I don't know what went wrong that last time - maybe an extra repair or something(?))

----- end of stage 2 ------

For stage 3
Immediately BUY 1000 wood from the train (do that first so that it comes back as quickly as possible) **** one time it only offered me 500 but it was enough because it didn't also dump repairs on me ****

Also set 4 men making another 1000 wood ONCE
& set others workers to demolish the saloon at the same time.

Build another (3rd) hotel (& tell the man about his horse)

Make another 1000 wood ONCE
(BUY another 1000 too, just in case of last minute repairs **** the time when it only offered 500 the first time I wanted to buy wood, I then needed some of this 2nd purchase for my final hotel. It only offered 500 again (!) but it was enough because I didn't get any repairs. There was some time left on the clock at the end anyway ****)

Build a final (4th) hotel - you will end up with 2 at the bottom right, one at top left and one where the saloon used to be

That should do it (unless you have outstanding repairs to fix first)

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