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[Post New]by Jafell on Jan 15, 12 2:32 PM
Could someone tell me if there is a star fram added to inventory early in the game. I just found one, I think I am in a broken down greenhouse.There is a big tree here.
I am using the Walkthrough because the puzzles are do difficult and the walk thru shows two of these star frames. I tried to look back but could not see where it is picked up. Thanks

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Re:star frame

[Post New]by everln on Jan 16, 12 5:20 AM
I am in same position I have picked up a star sign in the same area as you but cant find the other I have tried the walkthrough and cant find any other reference to the first sign have you found it yet as I have tried going back through every scene no luck also have you found where coat of arms goes
I have found it it is on floor whwere skeleton is Hope this helps you found out by looking through other walkthroughs

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Re:star frame

[Post New]by alvertis5706 on Jan 17, 12 1:06 AM
The first star frame is early on in the dungeon room where you break thru the wall; the frame is on the floor. The one you are finding in the great tree room is the 2nd star frame.
The coat of arms isn't used until you later go down the hole in the floor in the library, the coat of arms fits into a niche on the sarcophogeus found there.

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