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Empty Gas Can?

[Post New]by tooalto on Jan 16, 12 5:05 AM
There is supposed to be an empty gas can next to the gas itself in the first part of the "church" chapter but there's nothing there . Did I miss a step?

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Re:Empty Gas Can?

[Post New]by bfgKenai on Jan 18, 12 7:26 AM
Hi tooalto,

If you're still looking for the gas can, you might want to have a look at the steps below to be sure no step has been missed in the Church Chapter!

When you start the Church Chapter:

Talk to the sheriff (A) Here.

Give the MURDERER'S FINGERPRINT to the sheriff.

Walk down.

Then, in this scene, Play the HOS.

Turn the magazine page 4 times; take the revolver ( .

Use the quill (C) on the paper; take the blot (D).

The TRUCK HOOK will be added to inventory.

Then walk down twice; go forward and head towards the church like shown on this scene

Take the EMPTY GAS CAN (E).

Walk down.

Zoom into the container; put the EMPTY GAS CAN on the ground (F).

Click on the handle (G); take the FULL GAS CAN.

Hope this helps!

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