Level 34

[Post New]by eeastrbuny on Jan 19, 12 3:03 PM
Help!!! I'm trying to get level 34. I cannot figure out how to get my saloon to serve 130 people. Help, Please!!!

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Re:Level 34- Help, please!

[Post New]by Mopface on Jan 20, 12 6:34 PM
Hi EeastrBuny! (Cute name btw!)

How did you even get to the saloon? I can't clear ANY of the bouders because they need TNT which is blocked by the drunks who want a barrel of whiskey
to move so you can get the TNT. (and so on..etc.)

I'm completely stuck I cannot do ANYTHING!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!
Happy Friday!


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Re:Level 34

[Post New]by ccmohr59 on Jan 20, 12 10:52 PM
i am also stuck on level 34 makes no sense to me. grrrrrrr


Re:Level 34

[Post New]by eeastrbuny on Jan 21, 12 2:39 PM
Hey Mopface!!

To get the booze you need only to build the 2 estates that are asked for by the little man. To do that, make sure to build the sheriff's office so that it will take up the whole roll of buildings, then make sure you can add people. I destroyed some already built buildings that would allow people and then built the estates where they were. When you do that, the man will leave you 2 barrels of whiskey and you can get the drunks out of the picture and continue. Please, if you figure out how to get the saloon to serve 130 people let me know. Still wrestling with that. Hope this helps you out. Happy gaming.



Re:Level 34

[Post New]by Georgia71 on Feb 2, 12 12:56 AM
Hey Guys, someone called Maude left this on another forum i saw ... Hope it helps!

In order to get the Saloon to serve 130 residents at once I had three of my (total of) four estates in it's area, with two of them upgraded. One estate was to the right of the Saloon, and the other two were directly below it. I removed the ranch to the left of Town Hall to build one of my first estates, and then removed the house to it's left to build another estate and serve more people when I needed more residents for the Saloon.

Add....I didn't remove the ranch to the left of Town Hall until I had a water tower next to the other ranch below, and a hotel to the right of the trading post. That way I could get another worker first.


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