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Control Confilgrations

[Post New]by Althena533 on Jan 19, 12 10:35 PM
It would've been nice if they had put in a manual. I came to ond of those tourist looking telescopes at the beginning and I thought sure, what the heck, I'll take a look. Only one problem, I couldn't find anything to click on to stop looking and I had to do an end task on the game. Another problem with not having a manual. Could somebody please tell me how we're supposed to save our game?


Re:Control Confilgrations

[Post New]by Floralulu on Jan 24, 12 1:36 PM
I am so glad I downloaded the trial version- I had to end task to shut the game down multiple times because the screen would lock when I looked in the drawer, tried to interact with the picture, talked on the phone. I uninstalled and tried again with the same results, even started a fresh game. I spent 15 minutes on the trial game and found the locking up so frustrating I uninstalled it permanently. Very disappointed in what seemed to be a promising game.

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