High Scores: OMG! I just won #1 spot!!!

[Post New]by EvaWinner on Jan 21, 12 3:23 PM
I downloaded this game yesterday. Today I was getting flustered because I just couldn't find stuff fast enough. I could have done so much better but I wasn't feeling up to par. Well, imagine my surprise when I finished the game in a few minutes (I was starving and really wanted to get it over with so I could have lunch) and I saw that I got top score with over 2.5 million points! The top one had only 1million!!! WOW! First time I'm #1 at any game. The hardest was the hidden woman, figuring out her hair color, but even worse was placing the walker silhouette in I believe it was the final scene.

Anyway, this made my day and I just had to share!

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