Help! A possible telescope Bug or something fixable by Graphics?

[Post New]by LaryNx on Jan 21, 12 6:40 PM
I am trying to use the telescope on the 6th bird (it's daybreak and I'm in front of the White Tower), still in the Point of View of Holmes.

I was able to use the telescope twice on the wood partidge but when I used it a third time, the screen failed to change.

That is, when using the telescope properly, I could move the view and the view was zoomed in. Now it is not zoomed in and I cannot move the view.

All I can do is go in and out of the telescope view (the view as a cropped circle).

I am hoping this is not a glitch, rather something to do with the graphics or perhaps I should have counted the uses of my telescope before it virtually broke down on me :/

Can someone help me, if it is a graphics-related thing?

Thanks in advance!

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