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spot the difference

[Post New]by poppy45 on Jan 21, 12 7:41 PM
I wish I had never bought it,would never buy another by the same devs, stupid spot the diff puzzles, instead of Hog or decent mini game, another BFG trash heap game


Re:spot the difference

[Post New]by sharmore on Sep 13, 13 11:39 PM
Dear Poppy 45,
Just now read your post. I can see I will be your first responder since last Jan. Just in case you feel neglected or ignored I just wanted to say that your post is a "non-starter". I guess I'm glad you got that off your chest and feel better....just in case you happen to still watch the blog from time to time. But, what do any of us have to add? Most of us see the parallels between "spot the difference and HOGs. Those who don't may have discovered another dimension or form they can enjoy; after all, more people complain about too short games over snakes or hidden differences. Everyone has SOMETHING to WHINE about. (My middle son will have made it through a second tour, this time in Afghanistan...last time in Iraq) if he makes it to get on the plane on Sept. 14. Insaleh!!

Next time mention what bugged you and then go on to ask something or give advice for getting a bigger score! You'll be swamped with responses! Jus' sayin'

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