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Catch of the Week (Jan 23)

[Post New]by cbtx on Jan 23, 12 12:10 AM
This is an entertaining and well done game----well worth the special price.
Give it a try.

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Re:Catch of the Week (Jan 23)

[Post New]by joyce2121 on Jan 23, 12 2:28 PM
Bought it on the DD sale back in December, and just finished it
today. While the graphics are a bit more grainy then I like,
I really enjoyed this game. Storyline is interesting and just
enought dialogue to keep you interested. Well done
journal, keeping you up-to-date and a great hint system.

When I have no map, I love being able to click on hint
just to remind me which direction I'm looking for.

And as for ending, I wish more games did it this well.
Each character "spoke" and there were no lose ends
left unexplained. And yet, the door was left open for
a sequel.

Would have been worth full price for me and a real steal
at this price.

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Re:Catch of the Week (Jan 23)

[Post New]by Gojira2006 on Jan 23, 12 2:32 PM
It is a fun game, indeed . . .


Re:Catch of the Week (Jan 23)

[Post New]by iluvmydogs on Jan 23, 12 9:59 PM
some of the hidden objects are hard to find, but I agree it's a buy for me.

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Re:Catch of the Week (Jan 23)

[Post New]by PTSuusje on Jan 24, 12 6:18 AM
It's not expensive at 2.99 I suppose but I'm not keen to buy it. Awful **** scenes, thought the typed list looked old-fashioned, can't skip the talking or ghost scenes, dark, dirty, dingy feel to the whole thing. And it's so small on my screen I thought I must have the windowed version by mistake but no, it was fullscreen and only just over half of my 15in laptop. Also that's the weirdest looking rat I've ever seen!

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Re:Catch of the Week (Jan 23)

[Post New]by jennipurr on Jan 24, 12 10:27 AM
Great game for the price and NO STDs! Try it.


Re:Catch of the Week (Jan 23)

[Post New]by ManatiPuertoRico on Jan 26, 12 5:50 PM
Are these games getting shorter or am I getting better? Nevertheless, just finished the game and it is a fantastic deal for the price. I did enjoy the HOG scenes because although they're not really IHOG sometimes you have to come back and use some items to move on to the next task, which is a first for me. If you are not a fan of sparkles this is definitely the game for you. Storyline was good and interesting, no voice over which is a downer for me. Maybe the next game could have them. Kept me wondering till the last minute . Puzzles are fairly easy and interesting. Hints are a bit slow to recharge but didn't use them much. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to find your way around but not too much. Music was a bit too much at times so I had to mute it at times. I do recommend this game glad I waited for it and only paid $2.99. Definitely a good buy ! Wating for a sequel?

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