[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Jan 23, 12 6:37 PM
played the game in expert mode then went back to play again in hardcore mode to get that achievement and it said i needed a new profile so i ended up creating new profile played the entire game in hardcore got all achievements

except the one for getting all the achievements// go figure

There is one achievement for playing in any mode and one for hardcore mode so you need to start in hardcore then you get both

I did all the puzzles, got all the fairies etc etc. I have all achievements except last one
First time through it took me 8 hours second time with new profile took me 4 hours and a half

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[Post New]by dvdiva on Jan 23, 12 6:49 PM
Congrats, hookedonHOG, that was pretty hardcore of you to get everything!! Not an easy task at all! Make sure you got all the 5 easter eggs as well -- you can find descriptions of them in the General Tips section in the strategy guide.

Way to go!!

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