Locket mini game

[Post New]by jaslen on Jan 24, 12 2:01 PM
Just started playing the demo and the locket mini puzzle doesn't work. I have all the gems and keep clicking them on the locket at the statue but it doesn't take me to the mini game. Checked the guide and am doing everything it said. Any suggestions?

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Re:Locket mini game

[Post New]by Valdy on Jan 24, 12 2:03 PM
Did you take the gems out of your inventory and put them onto the locket? That should get you the puzzle going.


Re:Locket mini game

[Post New]by jaslen on Jan 24, 12 2:48 PM
Yes, several times


Re:Locket mini game

[Post New]by Manilow on Jan 29, 12 8:35 AM
Even though I got stuck on the Locket mini game I ran out of time on the demo but bought it anyway, I too am having the same problems as Jasien I found all the gems and what looks like a small brooch went into my inventory I have tried everything to get the mini game started but the brooch keeps going back into my inventory. Please help it is driving me mad.

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