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[Post New]by MEnr56 on Jan 24, 12 4:01 PM

After performing a series of explosions, you'll gain a lightening bolt and that lightening bolt is ALOT more important than I'd originally understood.

Most often the silver/gold tiles that need to be gotten rid of that is away from the core of the board, you can do it by putting a bomb just one space up from said tile(s) and the bomb will explode the tile away -- NOT an easy task and NO GOOD on Level 93.

You've got a board with a silver/gold tile sitting right dab in the middle of the hole within the board. None of the bombs would explode the colored tiles away from the object -- not even the lightening bolt.

After much perusal of the instructions (which did NOT enlighten me to anything new), I returned to the board feeling very frustrated, upset, and wondering how I was going to clear this stingray.

I came up with a lightening and just moved it over to the stingray that it was sitting next to it when I realized that the middle stingray had been cleared of its silver tile.

When I made a 2nd lightening bolt, I became very careful in making sure that I did NOT use it UNTIL I had a stingray to which I could move the lightening and voila the tile was clear and the level completed

IMHO, the instructions should've made that point very clear so that the game player can be enjoying the playtime and not feel frustrated.

Fortunately, I was playing this game in the untimed mode; otherwise, having not understood the special usage of that lightening bolt, I would not have been able to complete levels under a time constraint and therefore, never finishing the game.


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