1st level

[Post New]by nita8211 on Jan 24, 12 11:12 PM
I can't even get pass the first level. It won't give me my last star. This is a simple game, fun but it's getting very irritating to not be able to get out of the 1st LEVEL!!!!

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Re:1st level

[Post New]by Judi_chan on Mar 24, 12 1:04 PM
I suggest that you check for question marks...or outlines...If you're missing a star, there's something you need to buy (something missing so there'd be an outline) or something you haven't completed, like you missed a swipe with your sponge or something...in that respect, this game can be simple minded...I'm stuck in Paris with 5 expert levels for cooking but can't get past one star because it refuses to accept that I've done the painting...lol (in other words, it may be the glitch that is keeping you from the stars, but try to complete the other things, 'cause I was able to do them on that level...)


Re:1st level

[Post New]by AJLlewellyn on Jan 8, 14 9:17 AM
I am having the same problem. I want to smash my computer right now. I've spent an hour cleaning the friggin' sign and the graffiti and it keeps telling me to clean them. Can't get my last star....grrrr....any suggestions? Please?

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