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beat my records!

[Post New]by loveelvis on Jan 25, 12 12:59 PM
I play 3mns in the demo, this is my new record in gaming!
may be i grow asking for more beautiful and harder games!
who knows...
I get bored to the thirst minute, so deja-vu scenes, deja-vu history.
I'm not the one who give A or B or +++.
they who do it very well, those who give all these notes, don't remember their names (please, forgive me).
but we all are here to demo games, sometimes we like one game and sometimes we don't like.
What I want to say is "how can anyone give you an opinion and tell you not to buy or just demo a game"?
I want to be the very first one to demo a game, not reading anything about it till i get to the end!
oh my!
I realize that i , in a way, want to be the only one to tell something somewhere, in a game forum that doesn't exist!
do I exist or not?

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Re:beat my records!

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Feb 20, 13 4:06 PM
yes you do.............................

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