level 49

[Post New]by thugmisses71 on Jan 26, 12 12:15 AM
anybody made it passed level 49 i.m stuck need help beating it


Re:level 49

[Post New]by blooby_fish on Jan 26, 12 12:27 AM
i copied this from another thread with same question.
Its originally posted by xdolphine

"i think your rating below 3 stars, that's why you can complete lvl 49
you have to increase your rating minimal 3 stars,
when your rating reach 3 stars, all the customers will start giving tips from +$5 to +$10,
that would really help you to reach your level goal

anyway, you can see your rating at world map, every time we reach expert goal, our ratings will also increase.

Good luck !"

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Re:level 49

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Jan 26, 12 2:50 PM
Hi thugmisses71,

Great news! We've just released an update for this game that fixes a bug that was found on Level 49.

We apologize for the trouble. For more information on how to get the newest version of this game, please click on the following link:

UPDATE! New version available for 2 Tasty Too! January 26, 2012

If you continue experiencing troubles with this level, please feel free to contact Tech Support for further assistance.



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Re:level 49

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jan 27, 12 12:48 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm also popping in to lock this thread as there is now a fix for this issue. Please make sure to post in the Post any 2 Tasty Too technical issues here only thread if your trouble persists, together with getting in touch with Customer Support as bfgHondo mentioned.

Thank you!


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