weapon room

[Post New]by juliebacon52457 on Jan 26, 12 8:04 AM
where is the weapon room to pick up the magnifier?

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Re:weapon room

[Post New]by rsptchr12 on Mar 16, 13 1:24 AM
I also need to know where the weapon room is. I've backtracked everywhere!


Re:weapon room

[Post New]by Sheilah123 on Jun 9, 13 8:53 AM
The "weapon room" is the last room where you lay the book down, see the weapon in the glass case and there are glyphs underneath it. The magnifying glass lens is right there under the glyphs. Take the lens and hold it over the book. Hold down your mouse key and rub the lens all over the book. The glyphs to use are highlighted.

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