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level 23 Help very much needed

[Post New]by cathy12 on Jan 27, 12 5:15 PM
this one calls for 10 farms two mansions and 14 workers but seem to get no higher than five farms and two mansions either i run out of money or materials and seem to be selling a lot more than i need to however i start, have tried selling the first house as it stands making no change at all then running out of money when farmers are sick or workers need healing any tips on how to get past this level please i seem to have been on it a while and getting really frustrated with this task thank you also when buying properties i can get the lower price range properties but struggle with the higher and when i do manage it i end up no money or a lot of money with no land to build on Thank you for the help and post should you reply have a great weekend


Re:level 23 Help very much needed

[Post New]by LittleSpoo on Mar 3, 12 2:03 PM
I'm posting this just in case you didn't see it:
mcurty wrote:I used the walkthrough on the game review site and finished in expert time.

Build quarry
Build country house and sell it
Build workshop
Build mansion and sell it
This should give you enough money to buy up properties and keep building

Build the mansions first for the money
Demolish the workshop as soon as you hire the workers you need

Toward the end demolish the quarry to meet happiness levels

I'm off to try this myself -- hope it works!!

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